Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Bechers

For some reason this morning Blogger seems to be having a problem and I am not able to edit these posts. It is therefore difficult for me to include relevant links.

I had intended to go out this morning to continue my pre-shoot survey but unfortunately this was stopped by poor weather. I have therefore reacquainted myself with David Campany's book Art and Photography and carried out some further research into photographers who have engaged in urban and topographic projects.

Any such survey must begin with Bernhard & Hilla Becher and I have been looking at some of their work and trying to come to a clear understanding in my own mind as to what makes the work so fascinating. In a way it must be that by the repetition of photographs, in a similar style of a variety of buildings which differ only slightly in detail, your attention is attracted to those differences which would otherwise go unnoticed.

Their most famous images are of water towers, timbered houses and steelworks but I recall visiting the “Liverpool Centre of the Avant-Garde” exhibition at the Tate Liverpool last year and saw a number of images they took in Liverpool around the Albert Dock. Obviously only a small number of images were shown in that exhibition and because of that there was not the element of repetition. There was however still that deadpan or objective style at work.

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