Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blees Luxemburg

Thin Cities, originally uploaded by BobSingleton.

Unfortunately I have a terrible memory for names and as a result I often come across photographer's names that I think of as new only to review the images are discover that I was least partly familiar with their work. That has happened today when reading "Art and Photography" and came across a lengthy interview with Blees Luxemburg.

The images from London a Modern Project and perhaps more strongly from her subsequent work “Thin Cities”on the Piccadilly line have the feel I am looking for. Unfortunately as with Paul Seawright I am seduced by the use of colour and this is causing me some concern and I will have to experiment with both approaches. Whats more the post I submitted earlier today including an image from New York which was shot on black-and-white film and digitally toned is also worth investigating. However if I choose to go down the line of colour whether by digital toning or shooting colour transparency it will mean that the final prints will have to be made in a lab.

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