Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Getting going

fish-1, originally uploaded by BobSingleton.

I have used a number of large format cameras. However this afternoon was the beginning of my acquaintance with the Sinar. For such a simple device it does have a fiendish number of knobs and levers and I can see lots of different ways of making an idiot of myself. Method 1 discovered whilst trying the camera out in the garden is that the bag bellows unlike ordinary bellows can sag into the camera and if you're not aware of that you can spend ages trying to figure out why part of the image is black.

I have exposed three sheets of film as a trial. These were taken in and around my house and involved one image focused at infinity, a second image with significant front rise and a third image focused at an intermediate point. Having said that all the images were made with the 65 mm lens which is phenominally wide angle. Achieving absolutely critical focus might be difficult but this may not be catastrophic because the problem is that the lens seems to be in focus everywhere most of the time or else completely out of focus. I suspect that with this lens a Sinar becomes something of a point and shoot.

The film chosen is Ilford FP4+ and for the test exposures taken in decent sunshine the film was rated at 80 ASA. This overexposed image and will be compensated for by underdevelopment which if I get the sums right will result in a negative with good density but flat contrast which in turn should scan and print well.

My developer arrived this morning so I will find out soon.

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