Friday, April 25, 2008

Location Scouting

Wednesday afternoon proved to have better weather and I took the
opportunity to walk halfway around the orbital road starting from Sudell
Cross and making my way as far as the retail park at Staples.

I took my digital camera with me and spent some time shooting potential
locations and generally scouting out the area. Before making the walk I
had considered some general themes for the project. A search of
national statistics suggested that a large part of the route I took
yesterday runs through areas that are considered to be the most deprived
in the country. However yesterday's walk shores little evidence of
that. It would seem that the worst deprivation lies further out on the
town centre than the route of the road. On the contrary I was quite
surprised by the number of new properties and green areas I encountered
along the way. It goes to show that you see far more and in much more
detail when you walk around with a camera than when you drive around in
the car.

The multicultural nature of the town became evident from the various
places of worship encountered en route. The Mosques to the north of the
town are not adjacent to the road but they can be clearly seen. Closer
to the route is the Buddhist Centre, a Sikh temple and a variety of
Christian churches of various denominations as some which have become
de-consecrated and now have other uses. Another factor I had not been
so aware of before the walk was the number of restaurants which appear
to have closed down quite recently on and around the route.

I now have a significant editing job ahead to work through the images
and to see what themes and forms can be teased out.

I've posted the results of the shoot to the flickr stream and the link
is in the sidebar

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