Monday, April 14, 2008

Making a Start

Round the Houses-2, originally uploaded by BobSingleton.

This is the first of two images taken yesterday morning and there are light leaks affecting both images due to a defect in an antique wooden dark slide I was using. While light leaks and artefacts from antique equipment can be quite interesting and in a way provide confirmation that a traditional process was used I think that they detract from the ethos of this particular project and for the majority of the images in future I will be using some new dark slides I purchased recently.

The experiment with Pyro is inconclusive. The grain does not appear significantly different to the ID11. On the other hand this image was taken on a very overcast morning following heavy rain and the original scene was not therefore very high contrast and it is high contrast scenes which often benefit from Pyro's staining abilities. The jury is therefore still out on this one.

This image is perhaps more John Davies than Paul Seawright but I did see some other likely targets on my trip and will make them a priority for the next expedition.

I have added a link in the sidebar to my Flickr stream and will be posting all the images made to the Orbital Route set

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