Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Rule Book

I do tend to lose track and go off at tangents and therefore while exploration and experiment is essential to the success of the project it is equally essential that some ground rules be laid down to keep the project on track so that I can deliver the planned exhibition in June.

I have toyed with a variety of formats and have concluded that the work will be made using black and white sheet film and displayed as large-scale images and an associated print portfolio.

So that the project does not end up as random snapshots I am laying down a number of ground rules that I plan to follow. Unfortunately I am also allowing myself the freedom to change these rules if the project does not seem to be working out.

Rule one all images will be taken in close proximity to the route of the road or will show a feature of the road

Rule two the work will include some night and longer exposure photography

Rule three the work is intended to look at geography, architecture and signs of human habitation not at people themselves

Rule for I reserve the right to make additional rules as and when I feel fit

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