Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Morning

The bridge-1, originally uploaded by BobSingleton.

I had intended to carry out a reconnaissance and trail shoot this morning. Unfortunately I was discouraged by the early-morning rain and by the time it stopped the morning traffic was beginning.

This picture is not strictly of the ring road and does not meet the rules I laid out earlier. It is also digital and therefore not part of the project. However I did mannage to make 2 images both of Freckleton Street Bridge to try out a few things before starting the project properly when I return from New York.

I used my 135 mm lens which use slightly wide angle on the format and tried to experiment with the drop on the front element. Unfortunately the focal length is too short and the lens will not focus to infinity at full drop, I will have to use my 8 inch lens if I need front movements.

The two images were shot on FP4 a return to my traditional methods and I have dish processed them for eight minutes in pyro at 21° the negatives are still wet but I intend to compare the scans of these tests negatives with the images I made of windmills and which were also shot on FP4 but processed in ID11 at stock strength to see if there are any apparent benefits to either system. In principle Pyro should produce a lower grain negative.

I made a circumnavigation of the ring road and see that the town council have chosen to name it the Blackburn orbital route. It is a little over 3 miles round. I identified a number of likely targets and will return to them in a couple of weeks after the New York trip.

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