Monday, May 19, 2008

Another day in the dark

Prints, originally uploaded by BobSingleton.

After a slow start trying to write a statement for the exhibition I made my way into the dark room. I think that today was fairly successful. Last week I made a preliminary edit of 16 negatives and last week I made the first 4 prints.

When I arrived at the darkroom today the prints had all survived but were somewhat twisted. Today I made a further six prints and decided that the best course of action was to take them home to dry.

I put them in a plastic bag still wet and transferred them to my garage where I soaked them for a while in a tray of water before hanging them from a line. The Silverprint website suggests that if the prints are removed from the water back to back and then secured by clothes pegs at each corner they dry flat.

The acid test will be tomorrow morning when they should be dry. After a few hours they are not looking all that flat to me but I will reserve judgement until tomorrow morning.

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