Thursday, May 01, 2008

Back to the drawing board

This morning I had a meeting but by lunchtime the negs from last night were dry so I took them into the darkroom to see how there were.

First off when they hit the light box they look good lots of detail - but - always one isn't there - they are not exactly low contrast. I hate to think what they would have looked like if they had full development. I made some acceptable prints - if you find my house and garden interesting - but I needed grade 1 1/2.

That rather skewers Richards idea of the Forte Grade 4. I will try 50asa and 5mins on a test sheet but think that with the time constraints I will end up sticking with multigrade.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is promising so I have loaded some dark slides. With the ones borrowed from college I have been able to load an entire box of film - I've never had such riches. Now all I have to do is get up early ...

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