Monday, May 05, 2008

Edward Ruscha

On Friday I photographed a petrol station on what I suspect is technically Tontine Street. Anyway it borders Barbara Castle Way. As I was making the photograph I could not help but think of Edward Ruscha and those thoughts return when I contemplate the technical problems I have experienced with this project. As well as the 26 gasoline stations Ruscha undertook a number of photographic surveys in the late 1960s and one which could perhaps be analogous to my own modest endeavour is the photography of Sunset Boulevard. However the methodology could not be more different. With the Sinar it is going to take me two or three weeks to make perhaps 50 images around the orbital route which is only 3 miles in extent. Ruscha took a more pragmatic approach and mounted on a motorised Nikon on the back of his pickup truck and shot the entire length of Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles in a single afternoon the resulting endeavour is interesting in that it is complete but many of the images are technically quite flawed but nonetheless valuable.

A more modern interpretation of Rushca's work could perhaps be the video of the orbital route I posted a couple of days ago

The original book is to say the least rare and expensive

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