Friday, May 16, 2008

Printing at last

Got a chance to go into college today and start printing in earnest. As always things did not go smoothly. I spent a fruitless morning unable even to make a test strip. Every time I settled on a general exposure then made a finer strip between the candidate values none of the resultant steps were any good. After a lot of hair pulling I got to the bottom of it. The paper I was using for the test strips was fogged. Not much, more like flashed so the speed and contrast was all over the place. I think I found the problem in a fluorescent light. The safe light filter was partly dislodged and giving out white/blue/green light more or less above where I was cutting the paper to make the test strips,

After lunch with the offending unsafe light turned off I finally got some results and when I left had a number of versions of 4 prints hanging on the line. I hope they make it through the weekend and survive till I can go in on Monday.

I have a provisional edit of 16 negatives to weed down once prints are made. (Probably just hang the survivors if my usual luck prevails)

For the time being I am working on quite soft (as in low contrast) 11" prints. I will see what everyone thinks when they get peer reviewed on Tuesday.

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