Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Production and decisions

Freck Bridge-13, originally uploaded by BobSingleton.

Had quite a good day today. Started off at the bridge and shot a bit more stuff and had a chat with the people building it. Several of them have been to the web site and commented.

The bridge is looking quite finished now if you don't count there being no road up to it on one side and the pedestrian decks not being there but you can get a good idea of how it will look.

Then went into college and spent some time in the darkroom pondering. It's the old size matters thing again. On the way back from the bridge I popped into Wilkinsons and bought some 5x7 RC paper on a bit of a whim and I spent some time making contact prints on it. I have been thinking about contact prints on and off since I started this project. At the concept stage I even thought about an album of gum bicarb contacts or even platinum but I don't have time - sounds like post grad extension.

Anyway I really like the contacts. I will show them to the class on Tuesday and get a feeler. I may re-jig the exhibition plan and have a smaller number of big prints and contact a good selection of the remainder. That way I can show more of the survey which is in part at least the point of the exercise.

Having made a few RC prints I succumbed to a fibre one as well, I will wait while they are all dry and try to make my mind up if the fibre is worth the extra hassle on the small prints. RC could be spay mounted in rows but fibre has both production and display issues.

Knowing me I'll just pick the one that is most hassle.

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