Monday, May 26, 2008

Progress Report

Last week saw the end of the main batch of printing. I had intended to complete the work by making contact prints last Thursday but unfortunately there was a problem with the water supply and it proved impossible.

This morning I set up a bench in my garage and connected up the enlarger. The new bulb fitted ok and everything seems in order. There are some serious light leaks around the up and over door and I will need some black polythene to fix those. I should be able get that and to make the contact prints towards the end of the week.

Today I went hunting for frames. I have visited a number of outlets now and ended up at Hobbycraft. The frame kits there seemed to be nicely jointed and well finished and I was able to find six matching 16 x 20 frames. I also bought some mount board but remain unsure as to whether I am going to cut the mounts myself.

Jane and Pat suggested that the dragging problems which caused the rough edges on the last mat might be caused by the cutting mat and suggested using paper under the mat instead I will try that and see if I can get clean edges.

I intend to visit Britannia Gallery on Wednesday to talk to them about mounts and mats and I will see make a decision after that.

Wednesday is pencilled in as selenium day and I'm hoping to tone the 16th candidate prints and am planning to feature in just six of those in the exhibition with perhaps 20 or so laminated contact prints.

Tomorrow I'm having a day out.

It is perhaps a little late in the day but when I suggested this project Richard said that it would be a good idea to look at Paul Graham and Chris Killip and by chance they and several other documentary photographers are featured in the "No such thing as society" exhibition which is touring from the Hayward and his presently in Carlisle. By chance there is another touring exhibition from the South bank featuring Walker Evans and it is in Hexham until next weekend I should therefore be able to visit both exhibitions in the day and weather permitting also get to visit Vindolana on Hadrian's Wall and perhaps even take some photographs. I am planning to load eight sheets of FP4 for the MPP and keep my fingers crossed for the rain.

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