Monday, May 05, 2008

Saturday 3 May

Orbital 5x4 bw-12, originally uploaded by BobSingleton.

My second shooting expedition took place this Saturday. Rather than clog up this post with a lot of images I have re-jigged the links to the right and all the shoot can now be viewed in a Flickr stream.

I have resolved a few issues. Firstly 64ASA seems about right with 5mins @ 21C in the Pyro.

There were no darkslide malfunctions but I had an accident drying the film when a rod slipped dropping 3 sheets 2 are damaged as a result. I am coping with shooting and deving the film ok but it is awkward to wash and dry. I have only shot small amounts before and 12 or so at a time is stretching my facilities.

The shoot was late afternoon and I visited 2 locations Larkhill and Byron Street.

The darkslide incident on the last shoot spoiled the Montague street set. That needs repeating and due to its orientation has to be done in the morning. There is a good forecast for Wednesday so I plan to do it then.

I then need to get to Audley and shoot Traces & Cobbles on film.

One disappointment at Larkhill was the absence of the cross I photographed in my survey. It must have been there just for Easter and they have taken it away.

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