Friday, May 23, 2008

Today is my Birthday

So what? Well I finally got to open a parcel from Amazon and get my hands on Cape Light and Aftermath. Not had long to look at them yet they are very
different, quiet seascapes, muted colour v outright chaos.

I've looked through both before and as well as liking Joel Meyerowitz (even if he did go on a bit in the "genius of photography") they have a personal meaning since I have been to both places.

In September 2000 we went to New York for our silver wedding and had lunch in a little deli run by the Amish community right at the foot of the south tower. The people who ran it were some of the first I thought about a year later when the planes hit.

On a happier note the first time I went to New York we went on to Boston and hired a car and drove down to Provincetown and Mystic.

Also had the e-mail from Amazon that they have finally dispatched The Americans. So no work is getting done for a few days.

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