Saturday, May 03, 2008

My first real shoot

Yesterday morning I set out to begin shooting in earnest I had previously loaded the film and went to two separate locations one Barbara Castle Way and the second on Montague Street. It was early morning and the sun was providing side illumination on Barbara Castle Way but was more direct on Montague Street. I used both the 65 mm and 90mm lenses but found that with low sunlight the 65 mm lens does give some unexpected problems with shadows. It is very difficult to find an angle of view which does not include the camera's shadow or alternatively suffer from serious problems of flare.

I have ended up with seven images which is perhaps not bad from 10 sheets but unfortunately I have lost one of the images I had great hopes for. The images were lost for the usual 5x4 reason of leaking dark sides. Two of the images were completely fogged one to the extent that there was no actual photographic image on the film at all.

I have adjusted the processing having reduced the ASA to 64 and am now processing for five minutes the negatives have a little higher density than the first tests and I think that they will prove straightforward to print. However I suspect that they will not meet the requirements for printing on the Forte and I will have to use multigrade.

This morning I was in Manchester and called on to Calumet and they have almost completely given up on traditional photography. They had two bottles of developer no black and white sheet film and only resin coated paper.

These were the seven survivors:

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