Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Yet another Tuesday

Tuesday again, a college day and a meeting re the exhibition. We now have a diary to work to and I am beginning to realise how little time there is. I had planned to use the morning making some test print from the negs made so far but that came to nothing in the end. I did make one and am reasonably confident that the rest will print ok.

I had a go at reprising split grade printing since I will need to get that up and running for the final prints. It went so so I made a presentable work print of Larkhill. Theres no real point in scanning prints - it looks much like the neg scan already on line.

This evening I shot some more film. One thing about a ring road its sort of circular which means some of it faces north and the sun never shines. Blackburn is at the base of a bowl in the hills and I had never given that much thought other than when it snows and its difficult to get out. But what it means so far as the project goes is that the sun rises much later in the town centre and I will have to shoot some parts of the route in the middle of the day when the light is not so forgiving.

This evening I tried some new ways to waste film. No 1 when I photographed a Catholic church on Montague Street the shutter didn't seem to make the right noise so I fired it again - double exposure! but at least I knew it was probably a c*** up so I shot another as well. No 2 I made 7 exposure so there was one blank in a dark slide. Went in the dark to load the tanks - no idea which side was which so I ended up processing an unexposed sheet. Who was it said film is cheap.

Anyway as I write all 8 sheets are in the wash and seem ok. I will scan them once they dry tomorrow.

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