Friday, June 06, 2008

The Delmonte Moment

Its been a busy day. First off I spent ages trying to find 20 or so presentable images for the group slide show and if truth be known probably spent longer writing an action to size and name them than it would have done to fix them by hand. Anyway they are done and given to Chris.

Started some work on a web site to showcase my none orbital stuff but its very conceptual at this stage and I don't see much time being available to get it sorted this weekend due to other commitments.

Like everyone else I am emailing people and pressing invitations on anyone unable to run away also emailed the Guardian to see if we can get included in The Guide. Other BA shows are in it so why not.

This PM went into college to witness the mayhem. Some of the foundation degree stuff was going onto the wall and it looks good. Obviously some of them have spent a packet on post production. No hobbycraft and Ikea frames there. It should be a good show I will look forward to seeing it once it is finished.

The point of the trip was to show my rationale to John and Richard and to show my final edit. Both more or less got the nod a few minor tweaks - Richard pointing out my dyslexia again - spell checks only work if the spelling is rubbish - if its a real word but not the right one ...

The final production decision concerns the contacts. I like the little prints, support from John and fellow students but nagging doubts about the small size hence they have not been cut up yet and are still sheets of 4. Anyway the decision is now made they will be cut up and put back into film boxes for the show.

So I am now clear about the show for the first time.

6 Framed prints
1 or 2 boxes of prints - 10 images
1 or 2 boxes contacts - 40ish images
1 framed contact - Fiber base matted etc
1 mounted pyro neg on light box - neg to match contact

Ancillary work

I've had the email from photobox the books are finally on their way and provided they pass QC. I plan to show 3 books. Bowland Brewery - Freckleton Street Bridge - Orbital Route

So this weekend - cut the last 5 mats and finish the framing
Still to buy a frame for the contact.

Next week sort out notices statements bio and captions and the dreaded web site.

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