Friday, June 06, 2008

Exhibition Preparations

I have been busy cutting cardboard and sorting prints. Unfortunately the call of cash came and I ended up like Jane shooting a kitchen but mine had water pouring through the ceiling.

Anyway I have made an edit - hope John agrees I am seeing him this afternoon.

16 prints made it as not too horrible to show and I have selected 6 of those to frame. Only one is behind glass as I write. I have window mounted the rest and put them in acetate sleeves so that I can display them in a portfolio box. You can just about get 10 print in a box and shut the lid.

I dare not risk scratching the dining table so my work bench has to be the landing carpet which is tough on the back when you are old like me. I had bought 3 A1 sheets of snow white ( who thinks of these names it's decidedly off white ) from hobby craft and since Pat got me some nicer black core for the frames I thought why not mount the portfolio prints so I cut 12 window mounts and fixed the prints but had to discard 2 because there is no room in the box and anyway 10 loose prints is probably plenty.

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