Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Hanging

The painters finally finished and the room was released a 3pm. Took my prints along and finally put them on the wall. Well I like them - now wait for the audience.

I think the narrow black wooden "cushion" frames and the antique white black core mount boards have the right retro/minimalist look and I have gone for quite small signage on black core foamboard.

There are always snags so I need to think up a way to mount the light-box to show a negative and sort out a shelf or table to display the computer and my boxes of prints. Still there are almost 2 whole days left.

I still have to sort out a website/slideshow and need to write a technical details spiel. The website is also needed because Capita have shown some interest in the "Crossing the Line" book and some of the other bridge stuff so I need to get something ready for them.

Chris was hanging his work and I must say it looks really good. I have great hopes for the show.

I've finally added Chris' web site to the Blogroll

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