Friday, June 13, 2008

The Last(ish) Post

Well the deadline has passed . The prints are on the walls and the portfolio boxes set out. Now we just wait to see what the examiners think and of course what family, friends and guests make of it all.

Over in the department there was a hive of activity with everyone putting final touches to their own displays.

Of course I had a last minute panic as always. I was given a plan of the orbital route by the Town Hall but had been loath to display it. The designer who made it had a different purpose to me and the colour scheme was to say the least bright and it clashed with my muted blacks creams and whites.

However this afternoon I had a final go at it with Photoshop and re-coloured it and while I was at it illustrated it with photos of the various landmarks. I have decided at the last minute to include it so I stuck it to the wall next to the rationale at about 3:45. 15mins to spare.

In a way the panic paid off further because one of the captions had fallen off the wall so I got to re-fix it.

The static web site for the exhibition is complete and runs on my desk top and from an external drive attached to my laptop (both different flavours of windows). The Macs were still locked today so I might not get a chance to test it before it goes live - and I think all Macs hate me so there is probably some Mac specific gremlin lying in wait...

I will make a final post after the opening night then this blog will be complete.

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