Monday, June 09, 2008


I am not sure if I have blogged about Photobox before. I have ordered photobooks from them in the past and been quite happy with them bearing in mind the price. They've recently changed the offering and you can now buy books with full colour hardbacks instead of them having the rather silly hole in the front cover through which an image pokes. They sent me an e-mail voucher offering a 50% discount and I ordered two books. Unfortunately once I had made the books and got to the checkout area their website hung. It hung for several days and by the time I could complete the order the discount had expired. Were it not for the fact that I rather wanted the books for my exhibition I think I would have cancelled the order on principle.

I am in correspondence with customer services concerning a refund but more to the point the books have now arrived and I've got to say that they seem much better than the original offering. The black-and-white images have printed as neutral colours if a little flat. The colour book is pretty much as good as you would expect given quality of the paper and the cost. Those books will therefore be the final bit of my exhibition.

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